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You are watching sports news – «شروق فؤاد» Star of the plane talking about «Ahli, Salah and World Cup Russia» Paris News Date: Sunday, April 15,

Paris News – * You talked about your victory with Al Ahli in a large number of tournaments, but of course remain a memorable tournament in your career with the Red Castle .. What is it? ** The most expensive tournament for me is the 2016 African Club Championship, especially since I won the title of best game maker. We also won the tournament at the expense of Carthage, Tunisia with a score of 32, and it was a tournament in Tunisia and it is precious for me to crown the title at the expense of a Tunisian team and The stadium and the crowd. * I was exposed to many difficult situations in your trip with the plane Ahli .. Do you remember the most difficult? ** Yes .. We lost with the national team in the African qualifiers qualifying for the Rio de Janeiro 2016 championship, although we beat Kenya in the semi-final 3-2, which did not happen then 13 years ago. Another difficult situation was the loss to the Sun in the African Club Championship last year and the loss of the title that we managed to regain this year at the expense of Carthage Tunisian after winning the final in the result of 30. ** I received the offer but inside Egypt and rejected. ** Who plays in Al-Ahly and wears his shirt is hard to play in another club inside Egypt, whatever temptations. **No. *Why? ** I see that the game will not be permanent and immortal in our lives as players because we begin not get the financial compensation that drives us not to seek a job away from the field of the game, as well as in the end we will leave the game of course considerations of life or marriage and other reasons that will prompt us to declare the substitution The curtain on our journey with the game, and then it makes sense to have another work away from the sport and then come the idea of ​​rejection of external professionalism. Q: What about the role of the board of directors of Al-Ahli club under the chairmanship of Captain Mahmoud Al-Khatib in supporting the club’s futsal games this season, which witnessed a record number of tournaments on different games? ** All thanks and appreciation to the current Council under the chairmanship of Captain Mahmoud Khatib for his outstanding support and continuous support for us and all teams sports and at the level of the team Ahli «ladies» Council has met all our demands. * Who is closest to you in the team? ** All the players within the team «brothers and friends» and always support each other inside and outside the stadium and the relationship between us does not stop at the stadium only, but we are friends outside and always talk and support each other. [Asharq Al-Awsat] Do you still feel the lack of media interest in group games compared to football? ** Of course the minimum has changed a lot from the previous time but the idea lies in the absence of a strong spotlight on women’s sports, although we have managed to achieve many tournaments and achievements and records, but let us agree that the coverage of the collective games is much better than the previous time, but it is still Very far compared to the game of football. Q: What about your contract with Ahli? ** My contract ended this season and this file was opened with the officials in the club and the next will be good in this matter because in the end Ahli our home, which we raised inside and we have achieved many achievements and championships.

[Asharq Al-Awsat] What about the role of the technical staff led by Hamdi Al-Safi in the achievements of this season after the coronation of the quarter-finals, the Cup and the Arab and African Championships? ** Let us first emphasize the important thing is that the relationship between us as players and the entire technical staff is not a relationship between coach and player, but it remains a family of first class and feel that the entire technical staff and sisters are always looking for our interest in everything and always support us and strongly support us to choose the right decisions . * One of the most prominent competitors for Al Ahly always in tournaments and the same for the national team? ** The levels of all the teams progress from one tournament to another very significantly, but remain the teams Kenya and Tunisia are the fiercest and are the permanent competitors of us in the tournaments and on the level of the teams all the teams we are facing are characterized by force and violence. [Asharq Al – Awsat] What about the team ‘ ** We have the Mediterranean Championship in Spain next June. * Let’s move to another file .. Do you follow football? **Sometimes. * Which player do you like most? ** There is Mohamed Salah, the star of Liverpool and Argentine Lionel Messi, the star of Barcelona. * What are your expectations for the future of our national football team in the World Cup Russia 2018? ** Insha Allah offer strong offers and distinct levels and win or not in the end due to the reconciliation of God Almighty, but the important thing that the player comes out of the stadium after any match is satisfied with himself and his performance, and I wish the Pharaohs to reach the role of the 16 Cup Egypt. * What did you eat favorite? ** I do not have any favorite food but I love eating fruit, ice cream and «Jelly Cola». *What about your studies? ** I graduated from the College of Media and my ambitions were centered on my desire to work as a presenter but at the same time I know that it was not achieved and then excluded the idea of ​​my life. [Asharq Al-Awsat] What did you learn from Al-Ahli throughout your journey inside its walls? ** I learned to take responsibility and self-reliance and decision-making and respect for dates and commitment and also the strength of personality.

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