Sports Stars awarded by the Verbandsgemeinde of Churches

Press release of 11/17/2022

With gratitude and recognition for the benefit of sport, another sports prize (Stars of Sports) was awarded in consultation with Mayor Andreas Hundhausen and sports officer Klaus-Jürgen Griese after the introduction of the Sport Honorary Award in the parish of Kirchen.

From left Uli Merzhäuser, Kai Pfeifer, Daniel Krämer, Timo Wüst, Michael Reuber and Klaus-Jürgen Griese. (Photo:

Mudersbach. At the invitation of the Erzquellbrauerei, the celebrations were completed with the handing over of the prize money from the association football tournament (Erzquellcup). The first deputy of the Verbandsgemeinde (VG) Kirchen-Sieg, Uli Merzhäuser, presented the prizes to the clubs on behalf of Mayor Andreas Hundhausen: Niederfischbach I. Mudersbach/Brachbach I., DJK Friesenhagen I. Niederfischbach II., Kirchen/Alsdorf I. and Harbach/Offhausen/Herkersdorf I. A special highlight was the award to four deserving athletes, who received the honorary award of the VG-Kirchen-Sieg (Stars of Sports). Klaus-Jürgen Griese held the laudation for the individual athletes who were particularly committed and involved in their club.

Thanks and recognition, but also words like self-sacrificing, driving force, will to win or fighters like Schweinsteiger used to be were commendable words for the four honorable athletes. With much applause from all the clubs present, Daniel Schmidt SV Adler Niederfischbach II., Michael Reuber DJK Friesenhagen, Kai Pfeifer SG Mudersbach/Brachbach and Daniel Krämer Niederfischbach I. received the honorary award Stars of Sports as well as the certificate of the parish of Kirchen-Sieg. Uli Merzhäuser and Klaus-Jürgen Griese thanked the Erzquellbrauerei for the hospitality,

Thanks also went to the mayor of the association, Andreas Hundhausen, for agreeing to provide financial support for the benefit of the clubs. Words of praise from the first chairman of the SG Mudersbach/Brachbach, Harald Link: “Since the introduction of the sports officer, sport has had a much higher priority in our association and we are grateful that we have such a person”. Uli Merzhäuser also added: “He’s not only involved in football, he’s open to all kinds of sports in our community.”

Also in 2023, the football association tournament (Erzquellcup) is to be held for the anniversary of 70 years of football DJK Friesenhagen (date July 28th and 29th, 2023). (PM)

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