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Jorge Sampaoli He is one of the most recognized coaches in the world. The ‘Little Man’ has been a protagonist in the various teams in which he led, even in Peru, a place where he has great appreciation for what it meant at the beginning of his career as a professional.

In our country, the Argentine took the reins of teams like Juan Aurich, Sport Boys, Bolognesi and Sporting Cristal. He left an important mark on each of them; However, it seems that he could not fulfill one objective: to be part of Sports University.

Juan Amador Sánchez, who directed the creams in the 2006 season, spoke with the newspaper La Nación and revealed that the current Olympique de Marseille coach had the intention of training Ate’s club when he was DT.

After being asked by a football character “who does not bank”, the Argentine said: “Yes, to Sampaoli” and proceeded to explain why. “When I was directing University, in Peru, it was said that if I didn’t go well with Melgar I could roll my head and Sampaoli had the bad luck to call a representative who knew me”.

““ You Argentines are brave, uh, you step on your poncho. Sampaoli is calling me who wants to go to U ”, he told me. I cut him off and called Sampaoli, I screwed him up and told him that if I crossed him I was going to screw him up. “he added.

Amador Sánchez had a good start with Universitario qualifying for the Copa Libertadores, but the irregularity of his team made him end up going out the wrong door.

In 2006, Sampaoli was Bolognesi’s coach and he was looking to take another step in his career by landing in a big club in Lima. Sporting Cristal would end up opening the doors for him.

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The former coach explained that he never managed to meet Jorge to recriminate him face to face for what he did. “I would have loved to cross it. When he was coach of the national team, I wanted to enter the AFA premises, I spoke with his press officer, but they would not let me. Obviously he would not have caught me with a punch on the premises but I would have loved to ask him why, if they keep talking about ethics, he had that attitude”, He concluded.

Amador Sánchez was replaced by Jorge Amado Nunes after his poor results. The idol of University got the fifth place of the accumulated.

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