Spotify acquires event photo aggregation service CrowdAlbum

Spotify is easily one of the top contenders for best music streaming service, but like everything, Spotify needs to keep evolving to keep users engaged as the world of technology evolves around them. Last month, Spotify links were made shareable via Facebook’s Messenger chat app on mobile devices, making it much easier to send links of songs you love to friends and family you think , might also enjoy the song. In February, support for Spotify Connect arrived on the Amazon Echo so users could more easily stream their Spotify playlists by just using their voice to ask Alexa to play a song. Now it looks like Spotify is planning to add photo and video related features, especially event photos and videos, as they just acquired CrowdAlbum.

CrowdAlbum has been around for a few years and is in the business of aggregating event photos and videos from an artist’s performance, having worked with over 1,000 artists as well as venue partners in the US since 2013 With these photo and video albums, any artist could look back on their tour and event history to connect with fans. Now, artists will be able to do the same in Spotify. The products the two teams have in mind have yet to be made public, but the goal of the acquisition is to help better serve artists and help them connect with fans so they can also monetize their audience.

CrowAlbum will join the team at Spotify who are responsible for the recently added Concerts and Fan Insights features, both of which are intended to strengthen the connection between artists and fans, as Concerts was designed to help an artist promote their shows to concerned fans. and the Fan Insights feature. was designed to help artists better understand their listeners through the Spotify service. No doubt Spotify will look to establish more ways for artists to connect with listeners, but the CrowdAlbum team could also help integrate more social features for listeners themselves with photos and videos. taken by fans at events.

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