Spotify added the option to block other users: this is how the new button works

Before the year is out, the developers of the popular music platform Spotify could surprise users with the launch of some tools and news that some had been waiting for a long time.

Apparently, Spotify is already rolling out a new feature that will help users block others so that they cannot see your activities within the platform, as well as your playlists.

Although there has been an option for some time to block other users in some way, it is not something that we could activate from our account, since we had to ask for support from the Spotify support team.

How can you block others from Spotify?

Previously, to be able to do this, you had to contact the Spotify customer service team. Now, this option can be found in your own profile.

All you need is to go to the menu (in the 3 points at the top) and next to the option “Follow” appears “Block this user.” Once you select who you want to block, this person will not be able to see any of your public playlists or any activity associated with your profile.

It is important to distinguish that this function is completely different from the one that says “Block artists”, since the latter is so that Spotify does not show you music or recommendations of a singer or specific musician.

For the moment, the option to block other users but Spotify is expected to launch next week. The only thing that will be necessary is that you have the latest update of the app.

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