Spotify: How to upload music that is not on the platform

Spotify is one of the apps most frequented in recent times when it comes to listen to music online as well as of download of this. With more than 70 million songs, Spotify is at the top of music players, and its lists not only include songs, but also podcasts, programs, remixes, live performances and personalized playlists for each user.

On many occasions, new artists or people from the world want to upload music to this platform, either for fame or simply because they want to share their recent musical success. But how to upload a song to Spotify? Here the steps:

Upload music to Spotify

from a desktop

Importing your music from a computer is not complicated at all. For this process, you need to download the desktop application, otherwise it will not succeed:

  1. Enter the application of Spotify from PC and log in with an account. Then, press the menu button next to the name where the account is located, next must be chosen Setting.
  2. After that, the user must scroll to the bottom of the Settings screen to the Local Files section and swipe until you reach “Show local files”
  3. Then it must pulsar “Add a source” and select the files from the computer and import the music in MP3 format.

Upload from local files

If the person wants to add files from another folder than the specific one you ask for Spotify, you must press the “add a source” button. After that, select the folder that is required to be added from Spotify and then click on To accept.

From the mobile device

To do this you must follow the steps:

  1. Open the Spotify app on your phone or tablet, you need to make sure the device is connected to the Wi-fi network.
  2. Click Start and then click the gear icon in the section of Setting and choose Local Files. After this point you must activate the “Local audio files” option and allow Spotify find devices on the network when requested.
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After that, the user can upload music files that he keeps linked, either from his computer or cell phone.

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