Spotify Introduces ‘All Earns of You’, Its First Global B2B Brand Campaign

Spotify Amber Grace Jones

Spotify Advertising has presented today at the blog For The Record official an interview with director Amber Grace Jones, head of the spot of the Bell ‘All Ears of You’. This is the first global B2B brand campaign launched by the platform streaming. With it, you want to convince advertisers to use your service to reach what the company considers the most engaged audience: music listeners and podcast.

The video directed by Amber Grace Johnson was filmed in Mexico City and shows a young woman who, the moment she starts listening to Spofify, is surrounded by a huge soap bubble, which isolates her from the madding crowd of the big city and the immerses yourself fully in the music you are listening to, to the point of making it float.

Later, we see different people (all beautiful, of course), also immersed in their bubbles thanks to Spotyfy. Again with the protagonist of the spot floating over the city, now accompanied by other listeners in their own bubbles, we see the claim «Reach the most immersed audience«.

Amber Grace Jones: “Advertising is about selling a dream and a feeling”

Jones comments that with his spot I wanted to “share the wonders of music and how it can transport you to another dimension, if you allow it.” Actually the spot is a call to action: “We want people to see this and be inspired to romanticize their lives,” says Jones. Adding a little spice, no matter how mundane, to something like a dizzying commute home from work. My goal is to make you lose your mind with a little Spotify. “

Regarding the choice of the song of the spot, «Feet Don’t Fail Me Now» from Joy Crookes, the director assures that she liked how it conveys a feeling of «Amy Winehouse conoce a James Bond», in addition to the fact that the letter is very suitable for the images of the spot.

Jones also comments on how she views advertising creation: “I think the best advertising is based on a simple idea: how to successfully sell a dream and a feeling. In this film, you hardly see the product, but you can feel its impact, ”says the director. To fall in love with everything I do, I have to see the beauty and purpose in it. I participate in videos that make me forget where I am and take me for a walk. In this spot, music itself is a lifesaver for many people. In no way did this concept or process seem like advertising to me. ‘

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You can read the full interview with Amber Jones at this link.