Spotify joins the NFT craze and will allow artists to promote and sell their digital tokens

NFTs continue to conquer uncharted territory and gradually become elements that aspire to be omnipresent in companies’ digital marketing campaigns. The latest to join this trend is Spotify, the music streaming giant that is already working on a development that would allow artists to promote NFTs created by themselves among their followers. According to the site, the platform is adding an option so that, from their profile, artists can offer NFT’s for sale, in the same way that today they already offer merchandise and tickets for their concerts.

NurPhoto | Getty Images

At the moment the functionality will be tested only on the accounts of some artists, among which are Steve Aoki y The Wombats (Both fans, creators and owners of NFT’s) and will only be visible to a few users who will see the NFT and can learn more about it and eventually acquire it through a marketplace external. During the trial period, which will be carried out only in the United States and on Android phones, Spotify will not apply any type of fee or fee for displaying the NFT’s.

Seeking to support artists, Spotify has made several adjustments to the profiles in which their information and their musical successes are displayed. In October of last year, the platform announced an alliance with Shoppify and this initiative with NFT’s explores the possibility of providing artists with more possibilities.

But not only Spotify is exploring the possibility of incorporating NFTs to its platform: a few weeks ago Mark Zuckerberg announced that Meta is working on a similar functionality on Facebook and Instagram so that content creators can display and eventually sell NFTs.

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