Spotify now has a dedicated feed to notify you of artist and podcast releases you follow

Spotify just introduced a new tool making it easy to keep track of favorite artists and podcasters. It’s about the function “Whats New“which will appear in the application as a”campaign“, right next to the button”Recent listens“, where are collected releases of bands, musicians and programs to which you are subscribed on the platform.

According to the official statement of the company, the function “Whats New“is updated in real time, in order to listen to the content just when it is published, where a blue dot will appear on this icon, which will show us if the panel has new elements that we can consume.

This new section, too will allow us to filter between new releases music, podcast or even show episodes; and we can add more content to this feed from the tab of any artist and enable “continue“so that all the content that is published appears in this tab.

This option is added to the News Radar, which already presents content according to what we follow and suggests selected content for us every Friday already Weekly discovery, which is updated with content every Monday, with the news that now we will know in real time the topics that are coming out without waiting for one of the two days to arrive.

According to the company, this new tool will reach all platform users on both iOS and Android In the next weeks.

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