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Spotify prepares a redesigned Android widget with album art color matching

by archyw

Android 12 puts a new emphasis on widgets, and perhaps ironically, Spotify is now preparing a new home screen widget.

As part of the Spotify 8.6.40 / 42 update, the app adds support for a new home screen widget that ditches the old look, adopting rounded corners and a color scheme theme that is based on the album art of the song currently. Playing.

However, that functionality appears to be hit or miss. Not seem to be compatible with Android 12 wallpaper-based theme and even album art matching doesn’t work properly on Android 11. Our Dylan Roussel managed to see it working on his Android 12 device. However, it still shows in the selector switch. widgets for everyone.

The new Spotify widget for Android still has a default size of 4 × 1, but it can be resized. The widget also seems to work better when resized.

This comes two years after Spotify removed its widget entirely, but later got it back as a result of user complaints regarding the removal just a couple of months later without any changes. The new widget is available alongside the old one, at least for now.

It is not clear when it will be released on Spotify’s stable update channel, but the minor version increase implies sooner rather than later.

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