Spotify remembers that its widget exists, try a new version in the latest beta –

Spotify sometimes seems to forget that its Android app actually has a widget to control music playback. A couple of years ago, the company even took it off him for a while, and its design is pretty dated. But now that Apple has invented widgets, they are becoming a hot item again, and Spotify is testing a new version of its widget in the app’s latest beta update.

Left: Both old (top) and new (bottom) Spotify widgets. Right: Both widgets in the selector in Android 12.

The new widget still has some bugs, but you can see the kind of UI changes it brings. It has the same limited set of controls (play, previous track, and next track) and displays the same information about the artist and track title, as well as album art. For some, the new widget can pick up the album art color cues, as shown in the widget picker, although that didn’t work on any of my devices. It also doesn’t work well with Android 12’s Material You dynamic color themes for me.

By default, the new widget is the same size as the old one (4 × 1), but you can resize it, and the old widget is still available in the selector in the current beta.

Historically, Spotify hasn’t cared much about its Android widget. In 2019, the company removed the widget entirely, disabling it before returning it after customer complaints. However, since iOS 14 released widget support, the world is rediscovering what Android users have known for years, and thus widgets are popular enough again for Spotify to care.

If you want to test the new widget, you will need to be in the Spotify beta test program to install v8.6.40.914, which has the feature.