Spotify subscribers don’t understand why HomePod still isn’t supported

For a long time, HomePod only had Apple Music as a streaming service, after a study of the situation, the Cupertino company understood that it was not the right solution to improve sales of its connected speaker. During WWDC 2020, Apple announced the opening of HomePod to other streaming services, however some take a long time to natively support HomePod.

Spotify draws the wrath of its subscribers

When you’re the number one streaming service in the world, it’s because the work has paid off and we have understood what the majority of customers who subscribe to a music streaming offer were looking for. This perfectly describes Spotify which constantly innovating and this renews in the face of ever more aggressive competition. Nevertheless, the Swedish streaming service has its own weak points which have the gift of annoying its community of followers … An example?
Native HomePod support!

When the connected speaker from Apple was first released on the Feb. 9, 2018, Spotify was indignant that the Californian giant appropriated its connected speaker to put in exclusivity Apple Music.
One even remembers the CEO of Spotify who claimed that it was still one anti-competitive practice which consisted in blocking access to competing services to benefit Apple Music.

Since last year, Apple has opened the floodgates so that other streaming services can be used via Siri on the HomePod, the company has mostly responded to its customers eager to have an experience other than that of Apple Music.
Other services to have joined include Pandora, Amazon Music, iHeart Radio, Deezer and TuneIn.
However, there is one big missing: Spotify.

spotify on homepod

The Swedish streaming service that has complained for more than a year and a half about not being able to reach its subscribers via HomePod appears ignore Apple’s speaker now that native support is possible.

Spotify subscribers go wild on forums

The HomePod isn’t the best-selling speaker in the world, however Apple did ship few millions HomePod since its marketing (especially since sales have accelerated since the mini version). This excuse for Spotify’s “lack of popularity” is therefore not valid.

Subscribers to the streaming service who own a HomePod do not understand this “boycott” of Spotify towards the connected speaker from Apple. On the forums, we find very salty messages against Spotify and also termination intentions en masse to get closer to Apple Music.

I left Spotify, it was a breach of contract for me – Nothing happened and they don’t care about the consumer – I waited a year, but nothing happened. I had 6 months of free membership with my AirPods so it was time to go. It’s time to play Spotify fair, you can’t complain about not being on the HomePod, and then when they let you in you don’t even bother to support it.

Other comments from people familiar with such an integration explain that it doesn’t take “crazy time”:

How many comments are needed to draw attention to this point? More than 100 pages? Being a software engineer myself, I understand that such an integration should not take so long. It’s hard not to conclude that Spotify intentionally decided not to integrate Spotify on the HomePod. They didn’t even say a simple “yes, we’re on the spot”.

It doesn’t seem that Spotify cares about its users given the number of votes on this topic.

Some are also wondering about the interest of continuing to pay for their Spotify subscription while other services like Deezer and Amazon Music have already made this effort.

Are you in this situation?

Many of you subscribe to Spotify, the lack of native HomePod support is starting to lose patience to many subscribers of the streaming service.
For the moment, the management of Spotify does not express itself on this subject, nothing is mentioned on “a project in progress” or even a consideration of the general dissatisfaction.

Either way, other streaming services can be used on the HomePod.
This is the case of :

  • Amazon Music
  • Deezer
  • Pandora
  • iHeart Radio
  • TuneIn
  • Apple Music

On the Apple Music side, you can now enjoy a free 3-month trial. Resellers like Fnac offer exceptional offers from the purchase of an Apple product (from € 20), you can take advantage of 4 months free in addition to purchasing a pair of AirPods 3 for example.


Download the free app Spotify: Music and podcasts

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