Spotify wins, Apple Music loses massively –

Stiftung Warentest tested nine music streaming services.

“Our test shows big differences in the range of functions and in the small print. There is a clear test winner,” explains the product tester, which is financed from taxpayers’ money. Spotify wins, Apple Music loses massively.

Spotify: points deducted for data protection

Spotify received an overall rating of “Very Good/1.4”. Deezer comes second with 1.9. Followed by Amazon Music Unlimited and YouTube Music, both of which are a full notch behind the winner with 2.4.

The product testers praise Spotify’s basic functions (1.2) as well as settings and usage (1.1) – but there are deductions for the amount of personal data (3.5).

The test result of the product testers

“With a particularly rich range of functions, market leader Spotify is clearly positioned as the test winner. The service costs €9.99 per month – like most others.”

Apple Music was only fifth in the test with an overall grade of 3.0. The announcement that we are now offering over 100 million songs doesn’t help either – reported. There is a 2.9 for the basic functions, a 2.2 for settings and use and a 3.5 for data protection. In addition, the shortcomings in the Apple terms and conditions are “clear”.

Apple Music playlists under criticism

Criticisms regarding the range of functions and the operation of Apple Music can be found in several areas in the test. When it comes to playlists, it says:

“Except for Apple Music, all apps help to create these lists by suggesting suitable songs. Except for Amazon, Apple and Tidal, multiple people can always create playlists together. And with the exception of Apple and YouTube, all of them make it possible to share what you’re listening to from the app, for example on Facebook. All but Amazon, Apple and Tidal allow members to create family playlists together.”

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