Spotify Wrapped 2021: what is it and when is it published

Surely, and more so now in times of pandemic, one of the internet platforms most used by millions of people around the world is Spotify, a digital music, podcast and video service that gives you access to millions of songs and other content from creators around the world.

Like many other applications, there are 2 versions of Spotify, the free one that gives you access to the basic functions, and the Pro where you can listen to other types of content.

And like every year Spotify offers the possibility that its subscribers can have at hand a count of their musical tastes of the year, using a tool that has become very popular and that many look forward to its arrival.

What is Spotify Wrapped?

In late 2018, Spotify launched Spotify Wrapped, a playlist of the “Top” of songs most listened to in the year by the user, considering from January to October.

In addition, the application presents another album called “Your B-face” with artists and genres that are not normally heard by the user but that, based on their preferences, it recommends. Likewise, this tool makes a summary of the 5 most listened to artists, the 5 most listened to songs, the number of minutes listened to and the predominant genre.

It is precisely in these days when Spotify Wrapped becomes a trend on social networks, where users share their knowledge with others about some “secrets” of this curious and unexpected list of musical tastes.

When will Spotify Wrapped 2021 come out?

As always, Spotify has yet to officially announce the release date for Spotify Wrapped 2021.

What it is is that users have begun to speculate that it will most likely be available in the first week of December, since last year it was available on the 2nd of the last month of the year while in 2019 it was visible from the 9th.

As is customary, Spotify Wrapped will show you the most played songs, artists and genres during the year. In the same way, it will indicate the artists and the most played melodies in the world.

Although Spotify Wrapped is available to all of its users, including those who use the free service, those with Spotify Premium will receive additional and more personalized information with their Wrapped.

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