Spotify Wrapped 2022: your musical year in review

From now on, all Spotify users can have their personal year in review created. What are your top genres? Which song played the most on your speakers? And how many minutes did you spend listening to music anyway in 2022? Spotify Wrapped tells you all this.

This is how you create your personal annual review with Spotify Wrapped

The year 2022 is slowly coming to an end and what should of course not be missing? The Spotify year in review. Starting now, all Spotify listeners can access their personalized Wrapped experience for 2022 exclusively through the Wrapped Hub on the Spotify mobile app (iOS and Android). In addition to popular and well-known formats, users can expect a range of new opportunities to discover and celebrate their audio year.

In addition to the top artists, genres, songs and podcasts, and the total number of minutes you have streamed, there is now a listening personality type assigned to each listener. The 16 personality types were defined by Spotify using a mix of personality-forming traits. Types include, for example, Enthusiast, Nomad, or Lover.

For the first time, in addition to personalized and editorial playlists, you can also find merchandise products from your own top artists in your personal Wrapped Hub. There is also information about and tickets for upcoming events and concerts, so that fans can also experience their top artists live.

Of course, the personal reviews can also be shared. For the first time, Spotify offers the possibility to share personal share cards via WhatsApp, Instagram Direct Messages, Facebook Messenger and Line. In addition, personalized Snapchat lenses, which depict their “listening personality”, can be unlocked. On top of that, users can use special wrapped themes for their Bitmojis and use custom wrapped GIFs with all GIPHY partners.

Spotify Wrapped Share 2022

So let’s go: Check out your musical review of the year 2022 with Spotify Wrapped now.

Fotocredit: Spotify