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Springsteen’s manager solves 46 – year – old song mystery – VG

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FRIEND OF NORWAY: Bruce Springsteen has performed in Norway many times, such as here at Telenor Arena in 2013. Photo: Helge Mikalsen, VG

Finally, fans get an answer to what Bruce Springsteen (71) sings in the song “Thunder Road”.


Ever since the song came out in 1975, as the opening track on the hit album “Born To Run”, people have been debating whether the Jersey rocker sings «Mary’s dress sways» or «Mary’s dress Waves».

It says both parts in the album cover and other printed material around the release. There has also been confusion on various websites.

Springsteen himself has never commented on the case, but according to CNN, the discussion was given new life on social media when Springsteen made a comeback on Broadway last month, after the New York scene gradually began to reopen.

The new lyrics debate led The New Yorker to contact Jon Landau (74), who has collaborated with Springsteen for many years, both as manager and producer. And he reportedly has the answer to the “riddle.”

According to Landau, Springsteen sings «sways».

– That’s what he wrote in his original notebooks, and that’s what he sang on “Born To Run” in 1975. That’s the way he always has sung the song, in thousands of concerts, and that’s how he sings it these days on Broadway, says Landau.

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At the same time, the manager assures that all typos in official Springsteen material will be corrected – better late than never. Among other things, it must be fixed on the official website, where it has been “waves” until now.

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– And by the way, dresses do not know how to wave, Landau says.

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