SpVgg Bayreuth against Dynamo Dresden: game with increased risk

Pyrotechnics, lots of smoke, chants and bomber jackets. This is what it could look like today (October 1st) when the Dynamo Dresden fans arrive at the Hans-Walter-Wild-Stadion in Bayreuth. SpVgg Bayreuth meets Dresden for the first time in a competitive game today and the fans are notorious. That is why the police also rated the game as a game with an increased risk. Nevertheless, head of operations Benjamin Böhm says:

“Basically, it is important for me to emphasize that we want to differentiate very clearly. The vast majority of the fans we are expecting are just normal, peaceful football fans who are looking forward to a football festival and hopefully want to see an exciting football game. It’s the case with Dresden, they have a large fan base that loves to travel and the proportion of those who might be willing to use violence under certain circumstances is relatively large, which is why we classify it as a game with an increased risk.”

The Dresden fans arriving by train will be accompanied by the police on the direct route from Bayreuth main station to the stadium. Kick-off at the Hans-Walter-Wild-Stadion is at 2 p.m.