SPW EMPLOYMENT dumpling: thousands of people have to reimburse part of a corona premium

“The SPW asks certain self-employed persons affected by the 16b bonus to reimburse part of it”, explains Aurélie via the orange button Alert us. She says she received an email which obliges her to reimburse the amount of a corona premium collected.

And she is obviously not the only one. Many of you have reported to us the receipt of an email from SPW Economie-Emploi mentioning an error when granting a bonus of 3,500 euros. The email received by many people indicates: “A material error occurred at the time of payment and an amount of 3,250 euros should have been paid to you. We are sincerely sorry for the inconvenience caused. “And to conclude:”We ask you to reimburse us 250 euros before December 20. “

Many readers have contacted us to find out if this was yet another online scam or not. Verification done, it is not. “The content of the email is indeed correct“, explains the spokesperson of the SPW.

We are obviously and sincerely sorry. An error has been made and € 250 must be refunded. The decree was clear and did mention compensation of € 3,250. We have no legal choice but to claim the overpayment. “

In total, 12,000 cases are concerned. A news that does not delight the people concerned if we are to believe the messages received via the orange button Alert us: “We have been paddling for months. This allowance was received in June”, explains one of them. Another adds: “The situation is still difficult for many freelancers who have accumulated debts since the start of the pandemic! “

In addition, more than 270,000 files related to corona premiums of all kinds have been processed by the SPW, which indicates that 96.7% of them have already been processed. The approximately 8,726 remaining cases will be completed by December 31.


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