spy photos of the interiors

FIRST LOOK AT THE INTERIORS – Engineers and designers continue to sharpen the weapons of Maserati Grecale, the SUV between 470 and 480 cm long whose debut is expected by the end of 2021, with which the house of the Trident is preparing to launch the challenge to the Porsche Macan and, more generally, to the sports variants of the German models high-wheeled medium-high segment. Further confirmation of the fact that the development of the car – based on the same Giorgio platform on which the Alfa Romeo Stelvio is born – is now well advanced comes from the latest images popped up online, which for the first time shed light on thepassenger compartment. The upper part of the dashboard is still camouflaged, but the masking does not prevent you from guessing the shape and shape of the surfaces, which develop horizontally and are modeled to accommodate an infotainment display with two touch surfaces in the center of the dashboard. screens similar in size to the devices used on Tesla devices. Set between the two central air vents, an analog clock with the stylized emblem of the Trident should be placed, as per tradition on the models of the Modenese house.

SPORTS SIDE B – A few more indications on the exterior of the Maserati Grecale comes from spy photos taken by Carscoops (above), which last month immortalized a pre-series forklift completely covered with a Nerazzurri film complete with the brand logo and the word “Grecale”. The sportiest part of the Modenese SUV is undoubtedly the rear, characterized by a strongly inclined rear window and surmounted by a spoiler that connects seamlessly to the roof. The images also show very minimalist design handles, muscular wheel arches and a beltline that tends upwards, in contrast to the descending trend of the pavilion, which rests on very robust C-pillars. Finally, the double pair of chromed tailpipes also contributes to underline the sporty character of the Grecale.

> In the drawing above, and in the photo gallery, our accurate reconstruction of what the Maserati Grecale will look like.

ALSO ELECTRIC – Very likely that, in addition to the platform, with the Stelvio the new one Maserati Grecale will also share most engines. The line-up of the engines could therefore include, at the base of the range, the two-liter four-cylinder turbo petrol engine with 280 HP and 315 Nm of torque, but under the hood of the Levante’s younger sister, the 2-bit V6 could also be mounted, 9 liters of displacement of the Giulia Quadrifoglio, which with its 510 HP would guarantee the baby-flagship with raised wheels of the Trident performance in line with those of the Stelvio equipped with the same unit. At the moment, the plans for the development of an electric variant that would be included in the Folgore range, the future family of models on tap of the Trident, are also confirmed.