Squad Loth after uterus surgery again in the clinic

Squad Loth after uterus surgery again in the clinic

At the end of February, Kader Loth had had her uterus removed. After that, it had become quiet about the society lady. Now the 45-year-old has betrayed the sad reason for her Internet abstinence.

A photo on Instagram showed Kader Loth wearing a pink bathrobe and cannula in his hand on the bedside of a Berlin clinic. At the time, the German-Turkish lady commented on the snapshot with “OP!” I will finally be dismissed today! ” That was the end of February.

Since then 16 weeks have passed. Only once had the 45-year-old in the time with her fans via Instagram reported. Their followers were worried, could not understand why the Society Lady has gone underground. Now the German-Turkish has brought light into the darkness.

“In small steps, it goes back slowly into a ‘normal’ life …” she writes to a selfie. “The last few months have been so quiet around me because of psychological treatment for uterine surgery (depression).” That’s why she is currently in the day care center Waldfriede in Berlin. She will be released in the next few weeks. “Then everything is back in ‘Loth’!”

Kader Loth suffered for years from endometriosis, an often extremely painful and chronic disease in which uterine lining settles outside the uterus in the abdomen. In February, she underwent a hysterectomy. A step that must have cost her incredibly much courage. Because the intervention means for the 45-year-old also that she will never be able to get pregnant herself. Is the thought of never having children for yourself perhaps the reason for their depression?

Shortly after the surgery, she told the Bild newspaper, “I did not check off the desire to have children someday, despite the procedure, and as soon as I recovered from the operation, I wanted to check with doctors if my ovaries were intact Produce eggs that would allow surrogate motherhood. ” If that were not possible, she would consider adopting, she revealed.

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