Square Enix Confirms Upcoming Console Mana Game Is Now In Development

Earlier today, Square Enix live streamed the 30th anniversary of Or a series. During the broadcast, fans discovered that a new game was in the works.

As much as producer Masaru Oyamada wanted to share a “cool” video ad, nothing is ready to air just yet. What he wanted to reveal most was that this game is designed for “console” release and that the creator of the series (who also happens to be the current CEO of Grezzo) actually saw it.

Fans have also been reminded that the 30th anniversary of the Mana series has just started and rest assured that an official announcement is underway. Keep in mind, however, that it may take some time before this new entry is actually published. Here’s the full translation, courtesy of the RPG website:

It would have been nice if we could do a great video advertisement with a bang, but the 30th anniversary is just beginning. Frankly, we are working to develop it. We’re working on it, but please wait a bit for the announcement to arrive. Indeed, Mr. Ishi [Mana series creator, current CEO of Grezzo] I watch it that day. This is how far we have come, so I hope you are looking forward to it. We still have a long way to go in development… We are preparing for its release on consoles, and we would be happy if you could wait.

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