Squid Game Soft Power to create the Korean economy – NBTC. dreaded imitation

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South Korea’s Soft Power to create a phenomenal series, Squid Game, that drives the national economy, but the deputy spokesman of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NSTDA) fears imitation behavior

On October 12, 2021, reporters reported that From the trend of survival series Squid Game from South Korea that has become a hit with the highest viewership on streaming Netflix. The content tells the group of people who join the game. Find only 1 survivor to win huge rewards. In which each game has a competition to fight to survive, if anyone loses, they have to end their lives.

This phenomenon has driven the Korean economy and culture to the next level. Because within the series, the atmosphere of the playground or the area in front of the house to play each game It also uses Korean games in the past as a decisive game in the story, such as AEIOU Stop, Takji, Glass Ball Game, Gunbu, or the Sugar Sheep Game (Dalgona) that makes viewers enjoy. reminisce about the past

For example, one Korean Twitter user posted, “Squid Game makes me want to eat Dalgona again. It’s been 20 years, does it still exist? I think I can’t find it.”

from the success of the series It has come to promote the “Soft Power” of the Korean entertainment industry, including K-POP and movies. It is considered a national cultural export to support the overall economic growth.

What is Soft Power?

The SoftPower30 website states that Joseph Nai, who initiated the idea, The source of Soft Power has been identified in three pillars: political, cultural and foreign policy values. but within these three categories Each source of Soft Power is further broken down into a number of variations:

  • Digital aspect, the country’s digital infrastructure and digital diplomacy capabilities.
  • Cultural aspects, accessibility and attractiveness of national cultural works, both pop culture and high culture.
  • On the corporate side, the attractiveness of the country’s economic model business friendliness and the ability to create innovation
  • Education, human capital level in the country scholarship support and attractiveness of international students
  • Employment Strengths of the country’s diplomatic network and support for global participation and development.
  • The government is committed to freedom, human rights, democracy and the quality of political institutions.
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Korean series, entertainment export Create a billion-dollar economy

Bloomberg reported that Netflix revealed that last year, the company generated more than $1.9 billion in economic value for Korea, or 40 billion baht, despite the Korean content production industry being small compared to the manufacturing sector. But it continues to grow. Content exports totaled $10.8 billion last year, Korea’s main revenue. and more than other important exports such as household appliances and cosmetics.

In addition, the popularity of Korean dramas and idol stars This has led to a surge in Chinese tourists in the years before the outbreak of the coronavirus, but over-reliance is a weakness for the Korean tourism industry. Because of the dispute between the Chinese and Korean governments in 2017, it became the source of the ban on Chinese tourists from traveling to Korea. This caused South Korea’s economic growth (GDP) to drop 0.4% that year.

tourism Of the tourists who entered South Korea in 2019, over 13% came in for the purpose of experiencing pop culture and attending fan meetings. which generates approximately $2.7 billion in revenue for South Korea

The entertainment industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in Korea alongside technology. The number of creative workers producing media arts increased by 27% between 2009 and 2019, while in the manufacturing sector This is the traditional driving force for economic growth, up 20 percent, according to data from Korea’s statistics website.

In a report last month (Sept. 2021), Netflix revealed that it helped create 16,000 full-time jobs in Korea from 2016 to 2020 in the entertainment and related industries. and estimated that it contributed $4.7 billion or 16 billion baht to the economy during that period.

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Soft Power of Thailand

On September 13, 2021, Mr. Thanakorn Wangboonkongchana, spokesman for the Prime Minister’s Office, revealed that General Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, admires and is proud that Thai designers are able to create Thai fine arts in various fields. together with the modern entertainment industry This corresponds to the government’s BCG economic model.

Part of this is the push for “Soft Power” in Thailand to add value to the creative economy.

In addition, the government has also accelerated the promotion of Thailand’s creative industries in 15 areas: 1) handicrafts and handicrafts 2) music 3) performing arts 4) visual arts 5) film 6) broadcasting and broadcasting 7) printing 8) Software 9) Advertising 10) Design 11) Architectural services 12) Fashion 13) Thai food 14) Thai traditional medicine 15) Cultural tourism

At the same time, pushing for culture with potential 5F, namely: 1. Food (Food), 2. Film and video (Film), 3. Thai fabrics and fashion design (Fashion), 4. Thai boxing (Fighting) and 5. Conservation and Driving festivals and traditions to the world (Festival), which is believed to be another important export industry to create economic growth after the Covid-19 era of Thailand.

NBTC denies violence against Squid Game

October 10, 2021 Pol Col. Krishna Pattanacharoen, Deputy Spokesman of the Royal Thai Police. Refers to the Squid Game series, which is classified as an audience 18+ due to its content, visuals, sound and violent behavior. to compete and survive may result in imitation causing the audience to behave violently Or may result in the audience to imagine that they are in the same situation as in the series.

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Until it may be a crime that affects the life, body and property of others. especially in children or young people Parents therefore have to supervise the use of social media. Watching various media and giving advice closely To create a correct understanding and choose appropriate media

along with stating Pol Lt Gen Suwat Chaengyodsuk, Police Commissioner (Commander of Police), is aware of the danger and aware of the problems arising from the media, therefore has given the policy to all departments of the police office. national Speed ​​up the notification to the people to be informed. including public relations Ways to avoid To build immunity and to prevent crime in the future