SRF 3 closes Twitter account

The radio station has almost 176,000 followers on the short message service. They now have to look around for content on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.

SRF 3 says goodbye, at least on Twitter. In a tweet, the radio station announces that it will withdraw from the platform. In the future you can only be found on the SRF-3 website as well as Facebook, Instagram and Youtube, it is said. The radio station is thus closing the largest social media channel measured by the number of followers. SRF 3 is currently followed by a little less than 176,000 accounts on Twitter. That’s around 40,000 more than on Facebook. The broadcaster has 114,000 followers on Instagram and 49,000 subscribers on YouTube.

However, the value of a channel cannot only be read from the number of subscribers. It is also important how many of them regularly interact with the shared content. When asked by the NZZ, Viviane Aubert, Head of Digital Channels, says: “For us, not only the number of followers on a channel is relevant, but also the interaction rate.” This is stronger for the SRF-3 content on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube than on Twitter.

Furthermore, it also played a role that Twitter as a whole has fewer users than other platforms and therefore a smaller part of the population is on the move there. “Basically, we want to focus on fewer platforms, but on those that our audience is on,” says Aubert.

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Twitter is a news place

The short message service is also commonly regarded as a place for messages. Classic entertainment formats, on the other hand, are less common on Twitter. This aspect also influenced the decision, as Aubert explains further: “Twitter is used by SRF as an information and news channel. This is especially relevant for the @srfnews and @srfsport accounts.» Critical comments, on the other hand, played no role. The planned closure was even pushed back from April so that the channel was available for criticism of the cancellation of the music “specials”.

The end of the SRF-3 Twitter account has no personal consequences. When asked whether there were any plans to close other accounts, Aubert replied: “We are constantly evaluating which platforms the German-speaking Swiss population uses and how users interact with our content and consume it. On this basis, we constantly decide on which platforms and channels our content will best reach people.»