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Sri Lanka: "Family of hatred" behind terrorist attacks are wealthy brothers and wives – World News

One of the suicide bombers from Sri Lanka was caught in the movie when he blew up 67 innocent worshipers – details of the husband and wife's terrorist attacks on Easter Sunday.

The extremist, who was referred to as Mohamed Thala Farzan, was accidentally seen strolling into St. Sebastian's Church in Negombo carrying a bomb in a backpack.

With callous indifference he ruffles the hair of a child just before he unleashes a carnage.

A camera in the church filmed it vanish in a smoke-lightning bolt as it launched a device that splashed metal around itself, killing everyone on its way.

Witness Dilip Fernando said, "At the end of Mass, my family saw a young man go to church with a heavy bag. He touched the head of my granddaughter on the way over. It was the bomber. "

The alleged Sri Lankan bomber Moulvi Zahran Hashim committed to the IS

As the death toll rose to at least 321, including 45 children, the seven-member gang rose, including Ilham Ibrahim, wife Fatima and his brother Inshaf.

The men came from a wealthy family. The pregnant Fatima blew herself up, her three children and three policemen when her home was ransacked.

The 36-year-old Ilham aimed at the Shangri-La Hotel, where Briton Ben Nicholson lost his wife Anita, 42, his son Alex, 14, and his daughter Annabel, 11.

Moment when the suspect in Sri Lanka touches the head of a girl on her way to massacre

The image of the killer was used in a picture published by the Islamic State, which yesterday took responsibility for the attacks.

He was shown wearing a balaclava and clutching a knife.

An accomplice locally known as the "mastermind" Mouli Zahran Hashim is reported to have detonated a second device that killed his British brother and sister Daniel Linsey (19) and Amelie (15).

Daniel and Amelie Linsey were killed in Sri Lanka

When the police raided the Ibrahim's home in Dematagoda, Colombo, pregnant Fatima took off a suicide vest and killed her unborn child, three young sons, a police inspector and two policemen.

Inshaf, her husband's 38-year-old brother, was, according to the police, the bomber who targeted the Cinammon Grand Hotel.

It is believed that its copper company Colossus was used as a bomb factory in an industrial area east of Colombo, providing bolts and bolts that filled the suicide vests to cause a maximum massacre.

Nine Sri Lankans in the factory, including the manager, were arrested on Sunday just before midnight.

Colossus steel in Wellampitya, Colombo

They slept in a 15-bed room and worked with 23 Indians and 11 Bangladeshi, who knew nothing of the vile plans.

The murderous brothers had lived a life of privilege and luxury, and cruelty shocked their friends and family.

Inshaf shared a villa in one of the most exclusive streets in Colombo with his wife and four children – a girl of eight and three boys, six, four and two years old.

His brother-in-law, Ashkhan Alawdeen, owns the house and helps guide the family jewelry business. Ashkhan said, "When the bombing continued, I panicked.

The interior of St. Sebastian's Church in Negombo near Colombo

"I was totally shocked. My brother-in-law said he was going to work in Zambia on Friday and drove to the airport in a car with my sister and four children. When he said goodbye, he held her head and said, "Be strong."

"She thought it was a bit strange at the time, but she did not think about it because she assumed he was on a working trip.

Ilham Ibrahim of the alleged "Commander in Sri Lanka"

"After that we all went to our parents outside of Colombo and enjoyed our weekend when this happened.

"My sister broke down. We do not expect that in our family. If I had any idea what he was up to, I would have gone straight to the police.

"My brother-in-law is a psychopath. He deserves to be punished in hell. "

The police took laptops and CCTV footage from Inshaf as teams of officers and detection dogs ransacked his brother Ilham's home. A white BMW parked outside was covered with fingerprints.

Seven attackers with Zahran Hashim, the only one whose face is uncovered

The windows on the first floor were destroyed by the devastating effects of Fatima's apparatus.

Residents called the father of brothers Yoonus Ibrahim a millionaire businessman.

Neighbor Pakeer Nazar (51) and his niece Sajeethe Fakir Mohamed (28) felt the house "shake" as Fatima exploded her bomb.

CCTV footage shows attackers entering the St. Sebastian church

Pakeer said, "The Ibrahim family is very big, there are about eight brothers and three sisters.

"We have seen her father, he is a spice merchant and very well known here and the sons.

"We did not see what happened after the explosion, but we've heard that the officers were killed. These are terrible times for Muslims here – we had 10 years of peace and now that happens.

"Now I'm worried that the children go to school and what could happen to them."

A suspected suicide bomber invades St. Sebastian's Church in Negombo

Twofold mother Sajeethe said her husband Feisal, 37, was arrested after the incident.

She added, "When the first bomb started, we were told to stay and not open the doors.

"Then the second bomb went off and my husband went out to see what was going on. He was arrested because he was outside.

"He's still in prison, but he did not do anything wrong. Muslims are caught if they are innocent. "

Rangana Fernando, his wife Danadiri, daughters Biola and Leona, son Seth

Another neighbor, Zulker Nain, 28, watched as beagles near the address, including his own, passed through the plots. "I could feel the explosion as soon as the bomb went off," he said.

"There was a kind of vibration and I went upstairs to see what was going on to see where the noise came from."

Locals in a nearby mosque said their feelings against the bombers were high.

"They ruined our lives now," one said. "There are those who want to destroy their homes to show how strong our feelings are for what they've done, they have nothing to do with us."

Ashkhan said his family wants to "shame" Inshaf.

He added, "I also believe that someone brainwashed him because I've never noticed anything about him in recent months. He never mentioned the Islamic state and never had extremist views.

"He had everything, a good business, a beautiful wife and four adorable children. Why should he do that? "

Ashkhan added, "This is such a cowardly attack on Easter Sunday at breakfast time."

The cruelty is said to have been led by radical Islamic nationalist Thowheed Jamath – with support from abroad. The information about the attacks was transmitted to the police on 4 April.

However, the chaos at the heart of the Sri Lankan government meant that warnings were never relayed to the Cabinet.

Sri Lankan State Minister Ruwan Wijewardene said initial findings from the investigation suggested that the cruelty was being done in revenge for the Christchurch attacks.

A woman reacts next to two coffins during a mass burial of victims

Fifty Muslim worshipers were killed on 15 March in New Zealand by a suspected white supremacist armed man.

Meanwhile, MI5 British anti-terrorist officers monitor the blast after signs of threat to Britain.

A senior source from Whitehall told the Mirror, "Intelligence officials are inevitably quick to assess how Sri Lanka's attack on Britain might work.

"They are working with all other Western intelligence agencies and the Sri Lankan authorities to see if there is a British connection.

Coffins are carried to the graves during the mass burial of victims of a series of bombings

"It looks like an attack backed by the Islamic State and what we predicted has happened – that after a military defeat, IS has ordered fighters to return home and launch attacks."

Scotland Yard confirmed that terrorists were stationed in Sri Lanka.

It is assumed that two SAS soldiers were also sent to collect information.

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