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Sri Lankan attacks: the number of attacks rises to 321 victims

According to the Sri Lankan Ministry of Defense, the Easter attacks could be a response of Islamic fundamentalism to the attacks in Christchurch that took place in New Zealand last March (PHOTOS). Meanwhile, the number of deaths from the attacks in Sri Lanka has risen to 321, the number of wounded is over 520. The latest update of the attacks was reported by the police. The authorities have proclaimed a day of national mourning for today, on the occasion of the funeral for the fallen of the church of Katuwapitya in Negombo, a few kilometers north of Colombo (THE PHOTOS – THE IMAGES OF THE DAY AFTER – THE FIRST FUNERALS). The state of emergency, which gave the police and military special powers, came into effect at midnight (8:30 pm on Monday in Italy). Suspects may be detained without a court order (THE VIDEO OF A SUSPECTED ATTACKER IN ACTION).

40 people arrested

Meanwhile investigations are continuing and the number of people arrested in Sri Lanka has risen to 40 because they are suspected of being close to the local jihadist groups considered responsible for the explosive attacks. Among the arrests also the driver of a van that would have been used by the kamikazes and the owner of a house where some of them lived (THE VIDEO OF NEW EXPLOSION). According to Reuters, a Syrian citizen would be among the people stopped. Investigators are looking for evidence that local Islamist groups have received "international support" because it is considered unlikely for "small organizations" to carry out such coordinated suicide attacks. President Maithripala Sirisena's office said there had been an alert to intelligence that "international terrorist groups" were "behind local terrorists".

China: travel alert for huge security risks

Meanwhile, China has launched the alert to its fellow citizens this morning on the risks associated with travel to Sri Lanka. A warning issued by the Chinese embassy in the Asian country invites "to stay away from crowded areas immediately and to follow safety rules". While those who "insist on going" to Sri Lanka despite the warning face "enormous security risks", making it difficult for the embassy itself to ensure "effective assistance" in case of need (THE SEARCH FOR RELATIVES IN THE HOSPITALS).

Suspected of jihadist groups

According to the Defense Minister there are two local jihadist groups, including the National Thowheed Jamath, behind the attacks: six simultaneous explosions in the morning, and two more later, hit three churches, three luxury hotels and a small hotel. According to law enforcement agencies, 7 suicide bombers were acting on Sunday. The local jihadist groups, they would have acted with the help of an international net (DEAD ALSO 3 CHILDREN OF THE HOLCH POVLSEN CLOTHING MILLIONAIRE). There is also an investigation into why no more precautions were taken by the police after an April 11 warning when "a foreign intelligence agency" reported that the NTJ had planned suicide attacks against churches.

Yesterday another explosion

Yesterday there was a new explosion near a church in the capital Colombo. The detonation took place in a van, while the bomb technicians were trying to defuse the device. In addition, 87 low-explosive detonators were found in the Bastian Mawatha Private Bus Station in Pettah, a district of the capital Colombo. And on Sunday evening another explosive device was found and defused on an access road to the international airport near the capital Colombo (VIDEO – RESCUE IN THE CAPITAL).

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