Sri Mulyani Called All Islamic Countries Owe

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia –

Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani states almost all countries with a majority population Islam ber-debt in order to maintain stability economy. Some countries in question, including Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Afghanistan. RI is no exception.

“For friends who like to use (for example) Islamic countries, all Islamic countries in the world owe. Saudi (UAE), UAE, Qatar, Morocco, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan,” Sri Mulyani said in an official statement, quoted Monday ( 7/20).

Not only debt, Sri Mulyani said that Islamic countries also often get grants from various countries and the World Bank as a source of revenue. One example is the Islamic state in the African region and included in the poor category.

“In fact, I knew at that time the World Bank, Islamic countries, especially those in Africa, the majority were very poor and they could be in debt, even given grants,” Sri Mulyani said.

Therefore, he requested that the public do not view debt as worrying. The reason is that debt is actually needed as a source of state revenue, specifically to meet spending needs so that economic activity moves.

For example, debt is needed to meet the needs of 20 percent of the education sector, health sector budget, and to reduce poverty. Debt is also needed to build infrastructure projects, research activities, to the procurement of defense equipment for national security and defense.

Besides, the need for state expenditure is also increasing every year. Thus, the state is forced to owe to meet this expenditure.

“(If you choose) It’s better not to owe? That is also a policy. But we postpone (development) infrastructure, health, education. So, we have a large population of 267 million people, but children are malnourished, poor,” said Sri Mulyani .

He stressed that debt is not a practical source of funds chosen by the government. The most important thing is that debt can be managed well.

For information, Bank Indonesia (BI) recorded Indonesia’s total foreign debt of US $ 404.7 billion or Rp5,922 trillion (exchange rate of Rp14,633 per US dollar) in May 2020. That number increased 4.8 percent from US $ 400.2 billion in April 2020.

[Gambas:Video CNN]

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