Sri Mulyani Gives Good News When The World Is Covered With Dark Clouds

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani Indrawati gave good news in the midst of a dark cloud or worsening world condition. Both related to covid-19 and the national economy.

“We should be grateful that Indonesia is now increasingly able to guard against the COVID-19 pandemic, although globally there are still several countries that are and are still trying to control COVID-19, especially the Indonesian Omicron variant and the ability to maintain and prevent the transmission of the COVID-19 pandemic, so momentum Community economic activities are also getting stronger,” he said at the Commodity Balance Talkshow, Monday (30/5/2022)

From an economic perspective, Indonesia was able to grow 5.01% in the first quarter of 2022 even though on the same occasion there was an increase in the spread of the Omicron Covid-19 case.

“This can be seen from the statistics published by BPS where the economic growth in the first quarter of 2022 reached 5.01%. At the same time we also see that the external balance condition or Indonesia’s balance of payments has also experienced very, very positive developments,” Sri explained. Mulyani.

This is also supported by Indonesia’s trade balance which has a surplus for 24 consecutive months. Along with the increase in international commodity prices.

“Of course this is one of the things that will maintain the Indonesian economy because of our export performance with the trend of rising prices and the global economic recovery due to the pandemic and also expanding economic activity in Indonesia,” he explained.

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However, Sri Mulyani asked all parties to remain aware of global threats. The surge in commodity prices provoked an increase in inflation in many countries, so the option taken was to tighten monetary policy. As has been done by the United States (US) and several countries in Europe.

“The tightening of monetary policy means that interest rates will rise and liquidity will also become tighter. We need to be aware of its implications for the momentum of global economic recovery. On the other hand, in our households, we also see the impact of COVID-19,” he concluded.

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