St. Hubert’s rifle club Kirchborchen is looking forward to the bird shooting and rifle festival

How much the Kirchborchen population longs for a piece of normality was already clear at the Easter fire, which was extremely well attended. The Schützenbrotherschaft is hoping for similar popularity for the upcoming events – above all at the bird shooting event on May 28th and two weeks later at the Schützenfest (June 10th to 13th). Colonel Michael Krevet-Alpmann emphasizes: “Of course, as always, we will adhere to all the guidelines and restrictions for fighting the pandemic. Health is the top priority.”

The anticipation and motivation to finally celebrate together again is extremely high for everyone involved. “What we can make possible, we will make possible,” promised the Colonel during the traditional workshop in Kirchborchen’s Heimathaus. Current topics and dates were discussed here.

While other brotherhoods reduced their programs in view of the pandemic, in Kirchborchen they are hoping for the success of the pre-Corona period, as Colonel Krevet-Alpmann says: “Basically nothing will change in the program. Our Schützenfest was always a crowd puller in this form.” This year there will be successful highlights such as the tent party on Friday or the beer garden.

A less pleasant innovation is already certain. Food and drink prices will go up. “There is no way around it,” said Krevet-Alpmann. However, the shooters want to pass on the increases as moderately as possible so that everyone still has the opportunity to visit the Schützenfest.

For the first time, members of the rifle club who do not hold a position on the board were also invited. Interested shooters can get involved in the various working groups for the fairground, tent party, starting places, marketing/media, member care, music and children’s shooting festival without immediately taking on an official role. Topics such as strengthening entry points, recruiting new members and promoting the young shooters department were discussed.

Anyone interested in getting involved in a working group of the St. Hubert’s Schützenbruderschaft should contact the following: AG Festplatz: Stefan Marquardt (e-mail: [email protected]); AG appearances/advance sales: Dietmar Mormann ([email protected]); AG marketing/media: Marvin Peukert ([email protected]), AG tent party/music: Michael Krevet-Alpmann ([email protected]), AG member care: Horst Sanftleben ([email protected]) ; AG Kinderschützenfest: E-mail to [email protected]

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