Saturday, 21 Apr 2018

St. Paul : Patricia Locame complaint against Patrick Flores


MUNICIPALITY. New clash in the majority of the council.

Yesterday, Patricia Locame, city councillor delegate for Tourism, has announced that it would file a complaint for “insult, about gender-based violence, defamation and harassment” against Patrick Flores, city councillor in charge of the sector of Saint-Gilles, the crisis of shark nets. The fifth deputy did not know what was the exact qualification to remember. Without doubt too moved by what she had just read about Zinfos 974 : a message from Patrick Flores posted on Facebook showing a certain amount of acrimony towards her.

A publication may be poorly controlled at the end of the double press conference held by Joseph Sinimalé, Thursday, on the organization of the 31st of December and on the crisis shark. A speech to which has been invited Patricia Locame, and not Patrick Flores. Even if the chosen one – ex-wife of the surfer Robert Edward Machado -, sitting next to the mayor, has not said a word, nor 31, nor on the sharks, its presence alone has caused the ire of his colleague.

Here is the message copied and pasted by Zinfos : “Believe me that since that I got rid of a certain company which I do not mention not the name and that has made us all lose time, and I remain polite, that battle is already for 2020 and, in yellow on the photo [Patricia Locame, N.D.L.R.], who took advantage of the dead and the amputees that I place it where it is and who has totally forgotten that it is thanks to the surfers that it exists and that it is I who have presented to the mayor of St. Paul, crosses and uncrosses her legs to try to survive in politics. To each his or her means. Personally, I’d say to all the freros, a mandate, no more. To her I say no more. Lol !”

Yesterday, Patricia Locame has certified that she had not been informed of the second press conference on the sharks. “I stayed out of politeness, next to the mayor,” she corrected. I did not intend to take the place of that whatsoever.” Apparently, the disputes between the two personalities said to have originated from the campaign of the municipal where the deputy had the sensation that his colleague was trying to have “control” over it. The relations are not good between Patrick Flores, and the mayor has taken account of the communication on “prevention of the risk of shark”. It is he who had already announced the installation of nets to swim to the Rocks-Black. Nets ordered in the last 18 months by Patrick Flores. At the last city council, the referent of Saint-Gilles had also disapproved of the method of the mayor in the folder for the plan of prevention of risks related to floods. It is not far from the strain of the door!!!

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