The prices of iron and cement traded on the market stabilized on Monday, 4-2-2019, according to Ahmed Al-Zeini, head of the building materials division of the Cairo Chamber of Commerce.

Cement prices range from 710 to 770 pounds per tonne, and reach the consumer at 820-850 pounds per ton. Cement is less than 100 pounds per tonne. The price ranges between 600-650 pounds per ton for delivery to the factory land and reaches the consumer. At a price ranging from 700-750 pounds per tonne to the maximum price.

In a related context, the average price of selling iron for the delivery of factory land between 10.850 thousand pounds per tonne as the lowest price and 11.600 thousand pounds per tonne highest price, and the price for commercial sale between 11.100 – 11.700 thousand pounds, while the consumer price to 11.300 – 11.800 pounds Per ton.

Al-Zeini pointed out that the iron market is witnessing a situation of buying because of the stability of the price since the beginning of the month, and there has been a new decline in prices against the background of the decline in the dollar.



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