stabs his partner and then throws himself off a bridge

The murder-suicide hypothesis is now practically certain: Sonia Solinas was killed by her partner, Filippo Ferrari, who then took his own life.

The tragedy took place today, Tuesday 26 April, between the couple’s home in Dormelletto and the road leading to Valgrande, 50 kilometers away, where the man took his own life.

Murder-suicide: woman found dead at home, her partner takes her own life

The finding of Sonia Solinas

The alarm went off today, Tuesday 26 April, when the 49-year-old did not show up for work at Marconi Beach in Arona. The owner notified her mother, who went to the house in via Vittorio Emanuele, in Dormelletto, and found her in a lake of blood. The mother immediately called for help, but they could not do anything for the woman: Sonia Solinas was already dead, hit by several stab wounds.

The recovery of the body of the alleged murderer

Meanwhile, around 11.30, some workers working on the provincial road 90 between Rovegro, a hamlet of San Bernardino Verbano, and Cicogna, a hamlet of Cossogno, heard a loud noise and called for help. Filippo Ferrari, Sonia Solinas’ companion, had thrown himself off a bridge. The 118 helicopter that arrived on the spot was unable to intervene due to the electric cables, so the body was recovered by the firefighters, with the collaboration of the mountain rescue. On site also the carabinieri and forestry workers.

The investigations

It is the carabinieri of the Novara provincial command who are carrying out the investigations. Immediately, having discovered that Ferrari had taken his own life, the hypothesis that took shape was that of murder-suicide. There are still several points to reconstruct in the story: it seems that the couple lived together for about fifteen years.

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An autopsy will be arranged on the body of Sonia Solinas to clarify the exact dynamics of death. Inside the house all the surveys were carried out to try to reconstruct the couple’s last hours. According to the first hypotheses, Ferrari would have stabbed the woman and then would have fled, throwing himself into the void from a bridge about 50 kilometers from the place of the murder.