Stade Rochelais was full of good vibes before finding Marcel-Deflandre and Castres

If this cursed memory will no doubt haunt them for a long time, the Yellow and Blacks have done what was necessary to transform this lead not into gold but into a reminder that is always useful in their quest for excellence. Twenty days after a result that allowed them to become 2nd again, with 26 points on the clock, the Maritimes find this Saturday a Marcel-Deflandre all committed to their cause, although curious to see the face of his favorites against Castres.

“With the Banana”

“After Pau, I was not very well. The first two days, when I joined the Australian group, weren’t very pleasant… You don’t want that to happen again in Deflandre! But it’s not really a feeling of revenge that we have, no, it’s just another game to play. We were far from our standards against Pau when we want to play at a high level every week, underlines Will Skelton. There, it is Castres, in our stadium which will be full. It will surely be noisy, as always, the fans have always supported us after defeats. I hope they will have reason to be proud of our performance. »

“All the teams saw us lose at home, but we have a plan for this weekend”

The Stadistes will have to be strong against the vice-champion of France. He hasn’t yet won away from home but he probably has very clear ideas after watching the Bearn example. Even this time, the French internationals will be there – with the exception of Grégory Alldritt on leave. ” Sure ! All the teams saw us lose at home, but we have a plan for this weekend, we will try to give our all. I think we will respond. I hope everything will go well, ”slips Uini Atonio, back from Marcoussis with three successes in as many test matches.

“We are a group, we all lost against Pau! It was hard to watch, but wasn’t that the wake up call for the rest of the season? Maybe. There is always something positive to take from the negative. Pau deserved to win and us to work again, that’s how it is. We saw that in Brive, we came back with much more desire, continues the right pillar. The guys responded in a stadium where it’s not easy to win, especially after losing at home. I found a group with the banana, it was good, everyone was happy to meet again after a month when we weren’t all together. »

No lead screed

Only victory counted in Corrèze. Even though it was not only due to the character of Romain Sazy and company but also to the bad luck of the Coujoux at the end of the match, it very quickly shattered the threat of a possible leaden screed. “Brive has made it possible to move on. Now we feel good, ”confirms Tawera Kerr-Barlow. The cut, necessary after a tunnel of ten league games, then allowed him to catch his breath. Finally, the good vibes brought back in the suitcases of the internationals and the Barbarians ended up cheering up a group in a hurry to relaunch a dynamic.

“We know that we have to behave well, be clear in our roles and in our game plan”

Thus, while he had appeared in difficulty before joining the British Baabaas in England, “TKB” showed a level against the All Blacks reserves close to that which he had last season, in the wake of a “beautiful week, light” and visibly tiring, to see his dazzling smile. “We found the true spirit of rugby, with training and a half and good times together, I took advantage of it, it felt good to play for fun”, appreciates the one who also had a good time during the haka, which he performed at the same time as his compatriots.

And while the lingering rain is a reminder that rugby is also a winter sport, the scrum-half is ready to handle more mauls, scrums and tap out more often, a weapon Castres has so far used more than the Maritimes (with 27.6 kicks in the game per game, 2nd total in the Top 14, against 21.4 for La Rochelle, 13th). “It’s a very good team, vice-champion of France last season, with a physical game, we know that we must have good behavior, be clear in our roles and in our game plan”, warns the half melee. Or what made the strength of the Maritimes before the slap in Pau and which they partly found in Brive. A full match against Castres would find all the pieces of the puzzle.