Staff shortages due to Corona: do we need new quarantine rules?

The Scholz siblings are apparently not united in brotherly harmony when it comes to Corona: One, Olaf, makes the rules as Chancellor. The other, Jens Scholz, CEO of the Schleswig-Holstein University Hospital, struggles with it.

He told the newspaper “Die Welt” that his hospital had to quarantine too many employees who had tested positive but were fine. This jeopardizes patient care. And further: “We should deal with Corona like with the flu: If you are sick, stay at home. We don’t need quick tests or quarantine regulations for that.” At the Schleswig-Holstein University Hospital, around 600 employees were recently missing due to corona infections.

Many hospitals are struggling with staff shortages

The German Hospital Society is also familiar with this problem from other cities. CEO Gerald Gaß: “It is right to think about how we can cushion the problem a bit by shortening quarantine, given the really tight staffing that we have in some hospitals. But generally speaking That employees should always come to work if they are positive and infectious, that’s not a position we currently have.”