When in 1680 Richelet offered the first definition of the word "stage", he did not imagine that four centuries later would set up a World Trainee Day, fixed on November 10 and intended to draw attention to the abuses observed.

In fact, the word "trainee" will not be attested until 1743, even if it is only the "stagier", the "canon who did his internship". In truth, the "internship" is first of all " residence " that the latter must perform "For a time prescribed by the statutes of the Church" – six months, says Furetière -, with already this ageless expression: "Do your internship".

The internship was also reserved, says Littré, to the lawyers «Obliged to attend the bar before being registered on the board».

Then came that of notaries, doctors, and the trainee soon became the first step of almost all the functions.

It's Latin verb stare, "To stand up, motionless", that is born Stagium, at the origin of the word "stage". Attention, no abuse: that the trainee does not have to stay to infinity standing and motionless!

By Jean Pruvost


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