Stanford Professor Ioannidis on the Corona Pandemic – “It had nothing to do with clean scientific rules of the game” (Part 1)

We shouldn’t forget that Prof. Dr. Ioannidis was constantly attacked by the corona hysterics and self-proclaimed media experts and his warning words, as well as many of the critics writing here in the forum, were defamed as swaggerers, covid idiots, deniers, Nazis, etc. and the unvaccinated are and have been blamed for it to this day without excuse , which made the pandemic possible in the first place or endangered everyone else by their refusal. So don’t give up, even if you don’t name any names in this article, we still know who was involved. For me, the most important sentence: “There is nothing in our textbooks about these strategies, which were presented as “without alternative”, it was not what previous studies suggested at all. All of this had practically nothing to do with a clean scientific consensus.” And that’s exactly what Drosten, Lauterbach, Wieler and whatever they’re called turned away from that.