Stanimir Stoilov: When you’re sad, you can’t pretend to be happy

The head coach of Levski Stanimir Stoilov commented on the topic with the recordings of the meeting of the association “Levski na Levskarite”. He stated that he has no problem with the sponsor but wants all misunderstandings to be cleared up.

“What we had to announce there, we said as a wish. The fact is that both I and Ivkov want the club to be managed in the best way for the left-wingers. We are paid employees who receive salaries in order not to allow things, which were allowed,” comments Stoilov.

“We are looking to clear up the issues. I have no issues with the sponsor or… but any kind of misunderstanding should be cleared because there are disputes and misunderstandings, it is normal for one to be sad,” he added.

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“We constantly comment on the camp. Can we train on the ice in Bulgaria?”

“We have to clear all kinds of misunderstanding. All disputes must be put on the table and cleared. The disputes are about the way of management, nothing else. There are no sports-technical disputes, the players and the club get everything from the sponsor.”

“The problems, in my opinion, are solvable. It is not very complicated. The disputes are about the principled management of the club. We are in favor of protecting Levski’s interests. We have no problems with what we have agreed with the sponsor. I think that other things will clear up.”

“I don’t have a problem with anybody. We want everything cleared up in the way of management. That’s the only problem.”

“We have been working together with Sirakov for so many years, do you now expect us to have problems. I have not had any disagreements with Sirakov. I am even offended that I am commenting on this topic.

Levski will fight Vihren with only 13 players

Levski will fight Vihren with only 13 players

Levski head coach Stanimir Stoilov revealed this

Relationship with the sponsor what does it mean? Everything like financing is fine. There are small things that need to be cleared up to better protect the interest of the club. Everything else is looking for intrigue.”

“This cannot be an excuse for me personally that Levski does not win a certain number of matches. The problem is only in me as a coach and in the team as a team. We paid employees are for protecting the interests of Levski. We started too ambitious let’s get up. We all want to know truth. We are ready for the truth. When you know the truth and it’s on your side, everything is fine. We don’t have any problems, nor are there any claims about payments. We get everything as wages. There is a difference in thinking and manner of management. Things must be cleared there. I hope they will be cleared to the end,” Stanimir Stoilov also said.