Star Academy: these former students hope to become the teachers of the new season

Another finalist ready to join the castle, Michal Kwiatkowski. A student in season 3, he was at the heart of the revival of Who stole the orange? from Gilbert Becaud.

Questioned on May 21 about the Star Academy par Laurent Ruquier in We are live within the framework of the promotion of a concert in Paris, he affirmed his desire to become a teacher. IA few years ago I created a music school, I am a piano teacher and a singing teacher. So yes, of course, because I think that without any pretensions, I would have a lot to pass on to new he said, nostalgic for his adventure more than 15 years ago.

This May 24 is Emma Daumas who also took the ball in the columns of Gala. If we manage to build something together, of the order of a real collaboration, that I come to defend a universe that corresponds to me, I go there with great pleasure”.

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