Star sharing from Galatasaray official account! “I’m from Fenerbahce, but halal”

The rivalry between the arch-rivals Fenerbahce and Galatasaray is not only on the field… While the two deep-rooted clubs of the Süper Lig are also facing off the field, the debate on the number of stars continues.

At this point, Fenerbahçe applied for the championships before 1959 with its application to the TFF and claimed that it was the national champion 28 times in this direction. Galatasaray, which currently has 22 championships and carries 4 stars on its jersey, said, “We have been following the efforts to bring back the non-serious claims, which have no legal basis and validity, in recent days, regarding the Super League championships.” While saying, “Galatasaray Sports Club is following the legal process before the Turkish Football Federation regarding the alleged claim of Fenerbahçe Sports Club and will continue to follow it in the future. Galatasaray Sports Club, with its 22 championship trophies and four stars in its museum as of today, is one of the leading names in Turkey. It is the club with the most Super League titles. expressions were used.


A very popular post came from the official account of Galatasaray on social media. The official account, which quoted Bloomberg editor Benjamin Harvey’s social media account titled “Istanbul’s first ever Michelin-starred restaurants”, responded to this post with the note “Congratulations to restaurant owners who won stars, please pay attention to your stars”. While getting his reaction, Galatasaray fans were almost enchanted.



While most Fenerbahçe fans reacted to this share of Galatasaray, some of the shares did not escape attention. While some yellow-dark blue fans appreciated this sharing of Galatasaray, they commented, “They saw it very thin, I’m from Fenerbahce, but it’s halal”.


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