Star Trek: Strange New Worlds won’t come to Germany until the end of 2022 – wait, wait, wait…

I never thought that something like this would still be possible today… The new “Star Trek” series “Strange New Worlds” started in the USA on May 5, 2022 – and promises to be a real highlight. In the USA, the series runs on Paramount+ – a streaming service that does not (yet) exist in this country. It should be integrated with Sky, but we don’t know the exact details yet. Instead, do Amazon Prime Video (where Star Trek: Picard, for example) aired, or Netflix (where Star Trek: Discovery aired) go on the show and hold it until Paramount+ is up? Obviously not: As Paramount+ is now announcing, it will be a difficult time for Star Trek fans: the series should not come to Germany until the end of 2022. Feels like the 1980s, when you also had to wait months for a start in Germany.

In addition to the USA, the series can currently be seen in Canada, Latin America, Australia and Scandinavia. Great Britain and South Korea will join in June 2022. Italy, France – and Germany will then be in line at the end of the year.

This is of course completely disappointing for all Star Trek fans who are finally getting back on track after the so-so 4th season of “Star Trek: Discovery” (read in Jonas’ reviews) and the disappointing 2nd season of “Star Trek: Picard”. good Star Trek material are waiting. And I have high hopes for the new series, too, especially since Anson Mount made a good impression as Captain Pike in Star Trek: Discovery. In addition, the first reviews and criticisms that you read about the new series are really good, which increases the anticipation of the series even more. So now it’s just a matter of waiting – or of course finding other ways to access the episodes in Canada, in the USA or elsewhere. I mean, of course, for example, the next visit to relatives at the uncle in America…

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Photos: Paramount +