“Star Wars 8”: Rian Johnson returns to the final stage of Luke Skywalker

“Star Wars 8”: Rian Johnson returns to the final stage of
 Luke Skywalker

Fans of the galaxy very, very far away, if you have not seen Star Wars 8 , go directly to light speed because the rest of the paper is strong in spoilers. This is one of the most beautiful scenes of Star Wars 8 . The one where Luke Skywalker disappears on the screen in front of a sunset, after using the Force to project on the planet Crait. A moment as beautiful as mysterious: does that mean that Luke is dead? Less than a month after the release of the film which is a hit all over the world , director Rian Johnson returned to this final scene.

Far from telling us if we could revisit the Jedi in Star Wars 9 , directed by J.J. Abrams (who signed The force awakens ), Rian Johnson gives above all explanations on the mystical scope of this scene.

“I do not like being explicit, because I like that people can have their own interpretations (…) [Luke] makes sure that his last act is something mythical “, does he start in his interview for the US version of Huffington Post .
A scene for “legend Luke Skywalker” Even though the fans’ heart could be broken during this scene, Rian Johnson explains that he did not see other “ends” for the Jedi. “This scene is kind of a reminder at the beginning of Latest Jedi when he asks Rey : ‘What do you think a man with a lightsaber can do?’ The answer is: create a legend that will spread hope. ” And to continue: “And once he did that, combined with what all this took him physically, one can understand that he could not do anything stronger (…). The galaxy needs legends “, continues the director. But, difficult to think that we will not see again Luke Skywalker in Star Wars 9 , especially after the return of Yoda in the adventure in the form of a Force ghost (Ghost of the Force), decades after his “death” in The Return of the Jedi (episode 6) Episode 8 showed us how much Luke had mastered the Force, no doubt he could get back on the adventure, probably to guide Rey.

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