"Star Wars": George Lucas reveals what he would have liked for the third trilogy

"Star Wars": George Lucas reveals what he would have liked for the third trilogy

What would it look like Star Wars if George Lucas had not sold the franchise to Disney? The question that obsesses certain fans, finally has a beginning of response thanks to the series-documentary and the book The History of Science-Fiction by James Cameron, some extracts were unveiled by media across the Atlantic. George Lucas is at the heart of an issue of this show that offers great interviews with science fiction filmmakers. James Cameron speak with the filmmaker of global warming and the consequences of human activities on the Earth. At one point, the creator of the saga Star Wars derives from the pre-history (episodes 1,2 and 3) and the midi-chlorians a form of microscopic life linked to the Force.

“Everyone hated when, in The Phantom Menace [episode 1], we started talking about midi-chlorians. There is an entire section of the film that addresses symbiotic relationships. Which shows you that we are not the bosses. That there is an entire ecosystem behind, “says the director before explaining what he would have liked to have done for a third trilogy.

A final centered on the origins of the Force
“They [the next three episodes] would have brought us into a microbiotic dimension . Because there are creatures that operate at a different level from ours. I call them the Whills. And the Whills are the ones who really control the universe. They feed on the Force, “he explains in The History of Science-Fiction by James Cameron. “At the time, I was saying that it meant we were just cars, vehicles used by the Whills to travel, we are ships for them, and the conduit is the midi-chlorians. The midi-chlorians are the ones who communicate with Whills. The Whills, in a general sense, are the Force, “continues George Lucas in his interview. The director would have gone further in the history of strength since the Whills are not addressed directly in previous episodes. However, they are present in the extended universe of the saga. according to the encyclopedia Star Wars , there would be a Antique Order of Whills, who mastered the Force without belonging to the Jedi or the Sith. They would have discovered how to access a kind of immortality through the Force. Teaching that would be known Qui-Gon Jinn , the former Jedi master of Obi-Wan Kenobi as revealed Yoda in Revenge of the Sith (episode 3)
A choice that might have displeased fans A statement that should not fail to annoy some fans of Star Wars , since The Phantom Menace East one of the most hated episodes of the saga . And going so far in the origin of the Force to close the saga would surely have been just as much booed by the public. What George Lucas recognizes. “If I was still in charge [of Lucasfilm], I could have done it and then it would have been done. Of course, many fans would have hated all this, as was the case in The Phantom Menace , but at least the story would have been told from beginning to end. ”

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