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Star Wars: KOTOR – Lucasfilm bans Unreal Engine 4 remake of roleplaying

Apeiron: KOTOR will not appear anymore. Lucasfilm sent a declaration of omission.Apeiron: KOTOR will not appear anymore. Lucasfilm sent a declaration of omission.

LucasFilm canceled a fan remake of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic by way of cease and desist. The project called Apeiron was located in development since the end of 2015, In the meantime, a gameplay trailer also appeared. The official website is already offline.

Taylor Trotter, a member of Apeiron's development team, turned to his fans on Twitter. There he announced that he had one Letter from Lucasfilm who urge him and his team – the Poem Studios – to refrain from developing the Star Wars: KOTOR remake. After a few days' reflection, he decided to comply.

Not just a graphic update

Apeiron had big plans. The developer Poem Studios not only wanted to do a simple graphics update, but a complete remake with new features. Among other things, the team planned completely customizable lightsabers. From crystal to grip you should have the opportunity your own laser sword to tinker.

Furthermore, it should also be possible to play the entire game from the first person perspective. And of course it was also planned modern physics engine to use Star Wars: The Force Unleashed to moderately hurl opponents back and forth.

The last update of the project came a month ago. As the team presented a video of Chief villain Darth Malakwhose model she had finished. Previously, she also included the model of Jedi Padawan Bastila Shan.

Promptly announced fan remakes are not only under attack from companies like Lucasfilm, who see their rights violated, but also from the fans themselves, Precisely because it is well known that companies like to end these projects early.

Because of this, many players find that the creators of the projects in the develop secret and publish without notice as soon as they are done. The argument for this is the following: A playable version would spread quickly on the Internet and would still be available after the inevitable following cease and desist.

Was Apeiron just a promotion for the portfolio of developers?Was Apeiron just a promotion for the portfolio of developers?

Some even go further and accuse the creators of being so simple promote your own portfolio to want to have it easier later in the job search. A real plan to really complete these remakes or fan-spin-offs does not exist, according to this review. The fact that these works are not finished, so the argument goes on, can then be justified with the declaration of omission.

How much is behind such allegations, of course, is difficult to prove. At least Apeiro's development was progressing steadily, if only slow and slow, This is to be expected from fan projects, however. After all, the developers are not paid here and still have to work elsewhere to get money.

When will there be a new KOTOR?

Obsidian is said to have worked on Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 3. The game was already in pre-production, but the developers stopped work later. KOTOR was once planned as a trilogy. KOTOR 3 was intended to connect the storylines of Part 1 and KOTOR 2: The Sith Lords by: Revan and the "Exile" meet. Then it should be about finding the true Sith Lords and Strippenziehern. And of course HK-47 would have gotten a performance again.

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Whether a new single-player role-playing game in the Star Wars universe will come is unknown. The Star Wars game, which was once under development at Visceral, initially shifted towards the live service title, but was eventually to receive a singleplayer mode. But in the end, this project was also stamped. There is one for that new open-world part in conversation based on the work of Visceral Games.

Another singleplayer candidate is Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order by Respawn. In that, you assume the role of Padawan surviving Order 66. Settled it is shortly after Star Wars Episode 3: The Revenge of the Sith, It will, however, be an action title reminiscent of The Force Unleashed and not a role play.

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