Star Wars Open Worlds: This mod for Fallout New Vegas looks pretty promising

The modder “Tank Girl” recently published a video showing the modification of Star Wars Open Worlds for Fallout New Vegas in action.

Star Wars Open Worlds is a very promising modification for Fallout New Vegas. Among other things, an exciting story awaits us here, which changes depending on our decisions.

Apart from that, we can look forward to 12 planets, a skill and crafting system, a huge selection of weapons, several factions, new companions, bounty hunts and numerous side quests.

The following video shows some of the content of the mod and this will certainly make the hearts of numerous “Star Wars” fans beat faster – even if the whole thing is still in a relatively early development phase.

The best thing to do is see for yourself. Here is the video:

And here you can find three screenshots from the mod:

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