Star Wars-themed LG OLED TVs are coming in limited edition

The remote control will be a lightsaber, and the housing will have a special look.

The rumors have been confirmed, as LG is actually launching a special Star Wars-themed OLED TV. The 501 copies of the LG C2 TV we tested were redesigned a bit. This affects the exterior, as the housing itself has been given a more special design, and the Magic Remote with motion detection evokes lightsabers. Unfortunately, it is not known if he is buzzing, but it is certain that when someone turns on the TV, he starts breathing like Darth Vader.


In addition, the interface graphics have been redesigned as they have been turbocharged with Star Wars typographic elements. The cursor is said to be a lightsaber, and the Gallery section also got some exclusive Star Wars-themed creations. The 65-inch special device is priced at $ 3,000, which is roughly a thousand more than what its traditional relatives sell.