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Home Business Starbucks: your new store is designed for tourists, look at the photos

Starbucks: your new store is designed for tourists, look at the photos

(CNN) – Starbucks wants its new location to be a tourist destination.

The Starbucks Dewata Coffee Sanctuary, which will open on January 13 in Bali, Indonesia, is more than just a coffee shop. It has a 93 square meter coffee farm on the front and a nursery where customers can plant seeds. People can take classes in tasting and coffee preparation, and participate virtually in the process of planting through an interactive digital wall.

Eventually, large groups can make personalized tours of the store in exchange for a payment.

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The location is one of the Starbucks' Reserve stores, which are exclusive versions of the typical stores of this global coffee chain. They are part of a high-level strategy that the company has introduced to provide customers with a unique and practical experience at Starbucks.

The Bali store is "a destination that shows our high experience in retail coffee sales from Starbucks Reserve," Chief Executive Kevin Johnson said in a statement, calling it one of Starbucks' other "sensation-filled experiences."

"Bali is a wonderful tourist destination," said Scott Keller, senior vice president of store development and design for Starbucks. The company anticipates that the Bali location, which will employ 100 people and will be the largest Starbucks store in Southeast Asia, will attract many Asian tourists.

A panoramic view of the Dewata store.

There are 185 Starbucks' Reserve locations around the world, most of them in Asia. This is the tenth of its kind in Indonesia.

This store is also similar to Starbucks Roasteries, which are elaborate coffees that show the process of making coffee to customers. There are only four Roasteries, located in Seattle, Shanghai, Milan and New York. Two more will open this year, one in Tokyo and one in Chicago.

Starbucks wants to use Roasteries and Dewata to teach its customers where and how the coffee beans that end up in their cups are grown, roasted and converted. Keller said tasting classes can help customers appreciate the distinction between different blends.

Customers can see a coffee crop.

"It adds to the depth of the experience," he said, "and increases people's interest in coffee."

Starbucks is the largest buyer of Arabica coffee in Indonesia. The company opened a Support Center for farmers in Indonesia in 2015, to educate and support local farmers with donated seedlings. The sanctuary is designed to teach clients about that relationship, too.

Starbucks stores in Indonesia, including the Dewata location, are licensed by PT Sari Coffee Indonesia.

The nursery, where customers can plant seeds.



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