Starfield promises to be exciting. The main attractions of Bethesda

The fact that Bethesda has not revealed Starfield’s gameplay for a long time may raise doubts. However, the company has finally shown its cosmic design. And it’s hard not to get excited about this event. The gameplay described confirmed that the game has great potential. Todd Howard also gave some very promising information in his interviews after the Microsoft party. We have gathered in one place the most attractive aspects of the future production. Here are 10 of the most interesting topics in the latest Fallout 3 author project.

10. Great bass

Starfield’s influence is not limited to the very talented Inon Zur, the composer of great music for Fallout 3 and 4. Already, a few minutes of play have confirmed that Starfield’s sound design is incredibly good. Thunder at the sound speed barrier in the atmosphere of the planets, the metallic moans of the spaceships burdened during empty battles, the excellent doubling – all this makes a great impression. There are many indications that Bethesda has learned a lesson in perfect sound engineering Elite Dangerous, another equally fun title.

9. Ingenious RPG elements

Shooting and fighting futuristic melee weapons will be an important element of the game, but it is already known that Bethesda has also dealt with the option of resolving the conflict peacefully. The tab with the hero’s “peaceful” abilities, such as the art of diplomacy, seems to be extended. Many Starfield situations can be defused with charisma and oratory. The features of the protagonist chosen at the beginning are also very promising. For example, we can start the adventure with a small house for a certain month. However, this luxury would cost us 50,000 credit in the form of debt to be repaid to a galactic bank. In the game, you can also choose an attribute that prevents us from being orphaned and gives us the opportunity to visit our parents, which will probably open a secondary search. However, you will have to pay for this privilege. Our character, if we choose the “Kid Stuff” attribute, will send 10% of the money earned to the father and mother throughout the campaign.

8. Visiting the interior of ships, their crews and anchors

Hundreds of thousands of Elite Dangerous fans have unsuccessfully requested this feature for years: the option to go inside a spaceship. It turns out that this dream will come true in Starfield, where you can visit not only the corners of the cockpit, but also other rooms of our large ship, for which we can even hire a crew. More! – The theme of internal exploration is of great importance in the game, because in Bethesda’s work, you can land on any ship encountered (not just at the orbital station) and then – after the docking sequence – for example, a merchant ship or a pirate ship.

7. Reasonable playing time

Todd Howard has already confirmed that the main plot will not be very long. The main tasks (not counting the optional tasks) will take about 30-40 hours. This is a positive sign that the gameplay will not depend on grinding and constantly pooling resources, as is the case with many other space science fiction titles. The action in the script should be fast and full of interesting scenes and dramatic events.

6. Big and lively cities

In Starfield, we will visit 4 huge cities full of shops, interesting characters and other attractions typical of a SF city. The largest of these is New Atlantis, the home of Constellation, a group of space explorers that we join at the beginning of our adventure. Todd Howard says New Atlantis is the largest city Bethesda has ever built.

5. Construction of special ships

At Starfield, we’re not just replacing certain parts of ships, like in Elite Dangerous. At Bethesda, we will build our starships from a variety of modules “glued” to the hull in any chosen location. Each part requires a certain amount of energy, which must be supplied by a sufficiently powerful reactor on a spacecraft. It looks great in the game mode displayed (video below).

4. NASA design malefic

Finally, the end of the sterile, ultra-clean SF aesthetic, known for example from No Man’s Sky. Everything about Starfield has a touch of realism. The interior spaces of the ships, full of everyday objects or even garbage, seem to be populated. The hulls, covered with dust and water stains after landing on the moons and planets, look very original – like cars that are widely used, rather than on display in a museum. The complete “NASA-punk” style of the game makes a great impression – it’s an intriguing mix of authentic astrological design with science fiction themes.

3. Astrorealism

If you’re offended by the incredible cartoon scene from No Man’s Sky, Bethesda comes to your aid. The astronomical landscapes presented with Starfield are not only visually beautiful. Views of the months or planets gravitationally related to the object on which we stand look original (for example, the size of objects in the sky is not exaggerated, and the colors are very natural). This is great news for people who want to empathize with deep space explorers and astronauts – feel more atmospheric, like in the wonderful Dangerous Elite.

2. Promising space battles

A massive experience of armed spacecraft in Starfield is better than expected. Bethesda seems to have been inspired by the Elite Dangerous simulation character in this regard as well. This can be seen, for example, in the cockpit power management panel. While our ship is in flight, we can – as in the case of the Elite – redirect the energy from the reactor to the selected and most necessary systems at the moment: three weapon systems, armor, conventional propulsion and a very light engine (in the case of escape on the battlefield). Necessary). The effects of the blows look extraordinary, when the targets are divided into thousands of pieces in a vacuum.

1. Explore 1000 planets

Some have already begun attacking Bethesda for the fact that the massive surfaces of the nearly 1,000 planets and moons that we will explore at Starfield are made based on the process of creating the land. It’s like No Man’s Sky or Elite Dangerous. This can have the risk of merging into an unknown mass after a few tens of hours of play. But remember Todd Howard’s words: “For Starfield, we created the most manual content in the history of Bethesda games.” If it’s true, it should be really fun. Remember that we are dealing here with a game about exploring the unknown universe, so it is clear that most of the celestial bodies we will visit will not be marked with anything special. Moreover, they will enjoy valuable discoveries, such as artifacts of unknown origin and interesting locations hidden among the stars, which we will look for with an organization called Constellation.