“Stars of Sports” are entering the 20th round

25.03.2023 | 09:15 a.m. | DOSB/fn-press

Apply now to take part in Germany’s most important club competition

The “stars of sport” are entering their 20th round. Photo (c) BVR /DOSB /Schwarz, cook

The most important competition for sports clubs is entering its 20th year. In 2023, around 87,000 clubs in Germany can apply to the “Stars of Sports” with special examples of their social commitment. The competition, organized jointly by the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) and the Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken, welcomes applications that can be submitted for the current round by June 30, 2023. For example, we are looking for initiatives in the areas of education and qualifications, health, integration and inclusion, climate protection, digitization, democracy promotion or membership recruitment. The finalists can expect an honor at the highest level at the award ceremony for the “Big Star of Sports in Gold” in Berlin in January 2024. In addition to the gold trophy, the nationwide top-ranked sports club receives prize money of 10,000 euros.

Before that, the clubs can qualify via the local level (bronze) for the state level (silver), which is organized by the state sports associations and the regional cooperative associations. At these levels, too, the clubs can win star awards with prize money. The first-placed silver prizewinners will then receive a ticket to the national finals and will compete there for the “Big Star of Sports” in gold in 2023.

Crowdfunding for project implementation possible in advance
In the run-up to their application, sports clubs can initially collect funds for the realization of their commitment idea via the cooperative crowdfunding platform “Many create more”. At the same time, they draw public attention to their idea and, in addition to funds, they can also win fans and other supporters for themselves. After the successful completion of their crowdfunding campaign, sports clubs can put their commitment idea into practice and apply to the “Stars of Sports” with the implemented project – all via a central platform: -sports.

Application process digitized and simple
Whether with or without upstream crowdfunding – participation in the “Stars of Sports” competition is extremely easy and fully digitized. The sports clubs can apply with the initiatives they have implemented either via the respective websites of the participating Volksbanken and Raiffeisenbanken or directly via The cut-off date for applications is June 30th. Clubs that apply by the deadline will take part in the 2023 competition. The application phase for the 2024 competition starts seamlessly on July 1, 2023 and ends on June 30, 2024. With this regulation, the participating sports clubs can submit their applications all year round.

Further information on the “Stars of Sports” 2023 at DOSB/fn-press/Hb