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Precious evidence of Saxon tradition

The primary goal of Hommage Dresden GmbH is to make high-quality, independent handicraft products from the Saxony region known nationally and internationally. This further emphasizes Saxony as a cultural landscape. The Hommage Dresden GmbH and its partners would like to make a contribution to increasing the attractiveness of the Free State as a travel destination and to strengthening its economic activities. Traditional manufacturing techniques are to be retained.

Ways to implement it can be, for example, media spectacles such as the Dresden Stollen Festival, which was launched by Hommage Dresden GmbH and based on an incident from 1730. credentials

Even under August the Strong, special manual skills were built up in Saxony in the 18th century. Porcelain, damask, clocks, furniture … etc. were needed at court. It was clear to the monarch that it makes more economic sense to keep the money in one’s own turf than to import these goods.


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