Start of the race for photovoltaics in Trentino, also the Bim – Cronaca contributions

TRENTO. Trentino takes another step towards the use of renewable energy. And it does so with the concrete support of BIM, the mountain catchment areas, to the Province. After the approval of the new law concerning photovoltaic systems, promoted by the vice president and councilor for the environment Mario Tonina, these types of works on roofs and outbuildings, up to 50 kilowatts, are classified as free works.

A fundamental step first of all for familiesTonina added, in which the watchword was “simplification”: «We know that building photovoltaic systems, without incentives, becomes difficult.

Now also thanks to the collaboration with BIM there will be the possibility to promote the installation of these tools. I am convinced that whoever will contribute to doing this work will not only do it for production, but for savings, which are very important today ». However, the incentives will not stop at the domestic sector alone, given that between the end of May and the beginning of June a call for tenders will be launched for companies, with an allocation of around 20 million euros.

However, as explained at the beginning, the four BIMs will play a role of primary importance involved in the project: that of the Adige, Sarca, Chiese and Brenta, which will make available grants (minimum two thousand euros), to facilitate the installation of the panels. “Families who want to equip themselves with a system will only have to fill out an application form and, from the following day, proceed with the work – explained Giorgio Marchetti (Sarca) -. This is an operation that enhances the territory and that we have already been supporting for some time, as demonstrated by the seven thousand plants financed up to now. We will make available one million euros, the savings for users will be around 75% ».

The same amount was allocated by the BIM dell’Adige, as explained by the president Michele Bontempelli: «We do not have the experience of our other colleagues, but counting 105 municipalities in all, we think that one million euro is a good first tranche. We will understand later how the questions will evolve ».

And also Giacomo Silano (Brenta) and Claudio Cortella (Churches) expressed their satisfaction: «We remember, however, that BIMs are different from each other, both in the resources available and in terms of population. Evaluations will be needed to understand what figures we are talking about, but having for the first time an extensive territorial direction on this issue has allowed us to make great progress ».