Start with the Twitter alternative Mastodon

Yes. Mastodon is a decentralized social network, connected and powered by open source free software. Whether it’s an organization or an individual, anyone who wants to can run an independent Mastodon server, also called an instance.

This means that control does not lie with one company or one person, but in many hands. And anyone who wants to take part can freely choose which server, i.e. which community, to create their account on.

That’s why Mastodon also has the Local view, which only shows posts from people who belong to your own community. The Federation view, on the other hand, expands the view to all postings from all servers. Like Home, Local and Federation are organized as timelines.

By the way, a Tröt is limited to 500 characters by default. A single tweet on Twitter can be a maximum of 280 characters long.